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List of Cultures of Kashmir

Kashur Culture

Kashur Culture can be found in Kashmir Valley and Doda Dist, Jammu Kashmir (IOK) also Neelum Dist, Azad Jammu Kashmir (POK).
The language Kashur people speak are Kashur which is pure ethnic Kashmiri unlike other people of Kashmir. Kashmiri language is a Dardic belong to Indo-Iranian family. This language is only one Dardic languages that has a literature.
Kashur speakers are ethnic Kashmiris, whereabouts other like Dogris, Pahari, Gilgits etc are nationality to Kashmiris.
Pheran dress are identity of Kashmir Valley and consider traditional dress of Ethnic Kashmiri people.


Dogri Culture

Dogri Culture can be found in Jammu, Jammu Kashmir (IOK).
The language they speak are Dogri which is Indo-Aryan language like Pahari Language. This language is also part of Indo-Iranian family.
Dogri speakers and Pahari speakers are strong similar language, both of them are consider same Western Pahari and similar to Punjabi Language.
Dogri Shalwar Kameez Style can be seen here, scroll down.


Pahari/Pothwari Culture

Pahari/Pothwari Culture can be found in whole Azad Jammu Kashmir (POK) and Poonch & Rajouri Dist, Jammu, Jammu Kashmir (IOK).
The language they speak are Pahari/Pothwari (Mirpuri, Punchi, Chibhali etc). They are also speak Hindko which is very similar to Pahari/Pothwari language. Those language belong to Indo-Aryan, under Indo-Iranian family.
Pahari Shalwar Kameez Style are very different from Punjabi & Pashtun shalwar kameez style. They usually wear long and thick colour-separate shalwar kameez with very long dupatta. This is due cultural and weather.


Gilgiti Culture

Gilgiti Culture are mainly found in Gilgit Region, Gilgit-Baltistan (POK).
They speak Shina and Khowar Languages, they are Dardic under Indo-Iranian Family.They are relate to Nuristan, Afghanistan.


Gajjar/Gujuri Culture

Gujjar/Gujori Culture can be found in Azad Kashmir, Western Jammu Kashmir. They live mix with other people such as Paharis, Kashurs, Dogris.
Their language called Gujori which speak by major Gajjars (Clan). They are also belong to Indo-Aryan, however this language is not sister-language to Pahari, Dogri and other Indo-Aryan languages. They are origined from Rajathan, India unlike Pahari, Dogri relate to Punjabi language.Their culture is very unique which is not same other Non-Kashmiri Gujjars such as Punjabi, Rajathani, Gujrati.


Ladakhi Culture

Ladakhi Culture are found in North-East Kashmir (Ladakh, Jammu Kashmir, IOK) and Aksai Chin (China). They are strongest Tibetan Culture which is also Baltistan too (POK).
They speak Ladakhi language which is not Indo-Iranian language but Sino-Tibetan Family like Balti language.Ladakhi (and Balti) are Tibetan of Kashmir.


Balti Culture

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  1. This blog needs to articulate the cultural differences that exist within the state on the basis of the established facts that are not elusive to anyone. The term 'Kashmir' is shorthand for the entire State and is used within the context of the 'STATE' (Riyasat) as a national label. And so the non-Kashur speaking inhabitants of the State are equally indigenous to the State. To speak of Valley Kashmiris as the pure ethnic Kashmiris is just simple ridiculous when one considers that they are one people among many State Subjects. The Valley of Kashmir (Vadi-e-Kashmir) and its corresponding cultural-sphere is tiny in comparison with the actual landmass of the 'State' (Riyasat-e-Jammu aur Kashmir). Also from a cultural anthropological point of view, there is no such thing as a 'pure' ethnicity. The notion is simply based on ignorance and belies any expertise in the matter. Also linguistically, much of what is said about the languages spoken in the region is again incorrect and based on ignorance.

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