Friday, 19 August 2011


The State of Jammu & Kashmir, universally known as Kashmir, is a distinct political and geographical entity before B.C with varying borders and sovereignty. In the heart of Central Asia, it is surrounded to the north by China, to the south by the diverse India and to the west by the Islamic Nations of Pakistan and Afghanistan. The total area of the State is 22, 22,236 square kilometers, which is bigger then many European countries. Godwin Austin namely K2 (8613 meters) is located in Kashmir. Kashmir is the origin point of many rivers and tributaries of Indus River Basin.

The majority population of the state is Muslims while Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs and Christians are other major religions which constitute about 20-25 % of the total population. The major languages are Shina, Burshuski, Balti, Laddakhi and Tibetan in the North and Kashmiri, Dogri, Pahari, Pothwari, Hindko and Gojri in rest of the state. The sovereign State of Jammu & Kashmir, which was existed on 14th August 1947, was formed with its current boundaries by Maharaja Gulab Singh after the Treaty of Amritsar, 16 March 1846 with the British Occupiers of the Punjab and India. Its known history starts before the birth of Christ with Buddhist King, Asoka the great of Maurya dynasty.

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